Our Mission Statement

The Archangel Paranormal Society’s mission is to extensively investigate and document all types of “unexplained phenomena”, utilizing the most advanced equipment and methodologies. We approach each client with respect and understanding from the phone interview, initial walk through, investigation, and house blessing and cleansing. 

Archangel Paranormal Society, a professional scientific organization, prides itself on educating both our client and the community regarding the paranormal. including life after death.  A.P.S. believes by doing so, our clients and the public will better understand these strange events taking place and take away the fear factor, resulting in giving empowerment to the individuals involved.

Our Beliefs

As the founder, I am a practicing Catholic, we are inspired by the four Archangels.  By practicing what these Archangels embody, we aim to be:
  • Spiritual Warriors – calling on Saint Michael as the defender of the good, protector and one to call upon for defense against evil.
  • Healers – calling on Saint Raphael to help heal people who are spiritually in need.
  • Revealers – calling on Saint Gabriel to give us strength to affirm spiritual presences when necessary.
  • Strength – calling on Saint Uriel to help us give others the strength to cope with the paranormal.

Our Process

At Archangel Paranormal Society, we realize the paranormal events taking place are scary and you need help in finding out what is taking place. Getting that help is not that easy, nor is it easy to talk to someone about it. We understand that and will respect your right to privacy, as we are committed to bringing professionalism and confidentiality to every investigation. A.P.S.’s goal is to alleviate your fears and help you as to what may be happening. We will support you through it all and help you to feel safe in your situation, in your home, or office.

Once we receive a request for an investigation, our case manager will contact you to discuss your situation in detail. We will answer all your questions as to the process and if we can help you. Prior to any investigation, we will do an initial walk-through of the property to make a note of the layout. If necessary, we will both agree if an investigation is warranted, or to perform a house blessing and cleansing. 

We do our investigations of your property at night, usually between the hours of 9 p.m. and 1 a.m on the weekend. The number of members investigating a case will depend on the case and size of the property. In an effort to capture paranormal activity, we use recording devices such as cameras, audio recorders, and video equipment.  The client is usually gone while the investigation takes place. 

After the investigation is complete, we will start to review the evidence collected. This may take a few days to a week, depending on the amount of evidence collected. Upon completion we will share our findings with you and make a decision based on the evidence, if there is paranormal activity and if there is a haunting. Any evidence caught on your property during an investigation will never be shared or published outside the organization without direct consent from the owner. You are always more than welcome to copies of any evidence or data collected from your property. Some cases may require multiple investigations/house cleansing. A.P.S. will always keep communications open should you to need continued help.  APS will perform a  house blessing and cleansing if it it is warranted and desired. In the event we are not successful removing any sprits, we can refer you to mediums/psychics/demonologists/reiki masters that may charge a small fee for their service.  

APS has formed an LLC; however, we do not charge for any of our services.  Donations are accepted and greatly appreciated, but never required. Any money received goes back into the organization to help cover the cost of batteries, fuel, and other equipment expenses. We always appreciate you going to our website and giving us an OUTSTANDING rating if you feel we helped you.  If you do have a situation you would like to discuss, please contact us, leaving your name and a number we can reach you at, by calling 440.628.1363.

Tony Belsito, founder                                                                                                                                                                                     Archangel Paranormal Society