Although our main focus area is Ohio region, requests for outside of this area will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you believe your property is haunted and would like for us to investigate or for us to perform a house blessing and cleansing, please fill out the below "Contact Us" form. Remember to include as much details as possible. Include your name, address, a number we can reach you at (IF YOU DO NOT LEAVE A NUMBER WHEN YOU CALL THE BELOW NUMBER, THERE IS NO WAY FOR US TO CALL YOU BACK), and please include ages of children if there are any involved. The more information we have, the better we can determine whether or not we can investigate. Upon reviewing your information, you will be contacted and at that time we will set up a time for an initial walk through.  If a walk through is done, we together will decide if an investigation is then needed.  At that time, one will be set up.  Please refer to the about "about us" page for more information on our investigation process. Do not fill out the below contact info if you would like to be considered to join our team.  You need to call us at the below number.  This is no charge for any of our services.  





Archangel Paranormal Society
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